LDS Wedding Checklist

Congratulations on your Engagement!  Now what? Perhaps you’re thinking “We just got engaged!  Now what do we do?  Where do we begin?” LDS Wedding Checklist is a collection of 99 manageable tasks that will help you better plan and organize your wedding without undue worry or stress (OK, we’re kidding, this is the biggest day of your life, of course you’re going to be a bit anxious!) By taking the time to do the research for you, we hope our efforts will prove valuable as you both plan for and enjoy your wedding day bliss!


3 to 6 MONTHS


(1) Set a date
(2) Schedule a temple time (also select / arrange for a temple sealer)
(3) Talk to your bishop about a temple recommend and a Recommend for Living Ordinances
(4) Schedule time off work (as needed)
(5) Arrange for both families to meet


(6) Decide on what kind of wedding you want to have (formal or informal, number of guests, etc.)
(7) Determine a budget and how expenses will be shared
(8) Determine how you’ll keep track of all payments made
(9) Determine whether you will have just a single reception, or a second reception -for situations where the bride and the groom have families in differing cities or states
(10) Determine whether you want to interview and hire a wedding consultant (totally optional)
(11) Select and reserve a place for your reception(s)
(12) Arrange for wedding breakfast / luncheon location
(13) Begin compiling guest lists for your reception(s) -temple guests, wedding breakfast / luncheon guests, reception(s) guests
(14) Decide on colors / theme (we know you’ve been collecting ideas for a while on Pinterest?)
(15) Select caterer and menu
(16) Book reception entertainment
(17) Arrange for decorations
(18) Arrange for necessary rental items
(19) Arrange for a florist
(20) Order cakes and candies
(21) Arrange limo service / transportation
(22) Draw up a “day-of” timeline.  In what order is everything supposed to happen?


(23) Arrange for a photographer
(24) Arrange for a videographer
(25) Take engagement photos
(26) Order a memory album (start recording memories and saving mementos)


(27) Select wedding dress, veil, shoes, undergarments, accessories
(28) Select attendants for bride and groom
(29) Determine sizes of bridesmaids and select dresses and accessories (matching ties)
(30) Have dresses altered and temple ready
(31) Have mothers shop for their dresses
(32) Select groom’s rings and order engravings


(33) Select store(s) and register for gifts
(34) Finish compiling guest lists including addresses
(35) Order invitations, thank you cards, and other stationary
(36) Order wedding favors and gifts
(37) Plan accommodations for out-of-town guests
(38) Make doctor’s appointments for complete physicals
(39) Make bride an OBGYN appointment for premarital exam and decide about birth control
(40) Plan honeymoon and start making arrangements
(41) Find a place to live
(42) Start an exercise routine to get in great shape and relieve stress
(43) If you or your fiancé doesn’t dance, begin dance lessons


(44) Locate / order your birth certificate (needed to obtain your marriage license and any name change requirements)
(45) Locate / order you passport and visa (if needed for your honeymoon)
(46) Create a calendar to keep track of important events (showers, luncheons, wedding-related appointments, etc.)
(47) Register for an institute temple preparation class if applicable (may also inquire about a family relations class)
(48) Design a wedding website with basic information (you can always add more details later)
(49) Arrange for a host / hostess to be with those waiting outside the temple (including children)
(50) Determine how you are going to keep a record of RSVPs and gifts received
(51) Determine how you are going to send thank you notes as gifts are received
(52) Check into name change requirements for your driver’s license, social security card, insurance policies, bank accounts, etc.


(1) Have bridal portraits taken
(2) Reserve bridal suite for wedding night
(3) Finalize all vendor agreements (are all deposits paid and contracts signed?)
(4) Arrange for tuxedos
(5) Address invitations and announcements
(6) Mail invitations
(7) Ask people to help at your reception (i.e. guest book, take gifts, etc)
(8) Arrange for health, auto, life, and renters insurance
(9) Confirm time off of work


(1) Get marriage license (no sooner than 30 days in advance, and you may need to have a blood test first)
(2) Purchase gift for fiancé
(3) Buy gifts for attendants
(4) Buy accessories such as cake knives and servers, garter, guest gook, and pen
(5) Write thank you’s for gifts as soon as you receive them
(6) Make hair/makeup/nail appointments (if doing own hair, practice with veil)
(7) Shop for furniture for new home
(8) Check newspaper for announcement deadline
(9) Compile a list of music you would like to have played at reception
(10) Begin breaking in wedding shoes


(1) Meet with photographer and videographer to discuss special shots you would like
(2) Provide reception entertainment with a list of music
(3) Contact guests who have not RSVP’d
(4) Remind wedding party of schedule and commitments
(5) Ensure out-of-town guests have accomodations
(6) Make arrangements for cleaning and storage of wedding dress
(7) Confirm hair/makeup/nail appointments
(8) Make final arrangements for honeymoon (pick up tickets, travelers checks, etc)
(9) Double check reservations with florist, caterer, photographer, videographer, and entertainment
(10) Write a toast to your parents / your fiancé’s parents


(1) Plan seating arrangements (if used)
(2) Provide caterer with final guest count
(3) Print place cards, menu cards, table numbers, etc. (if used)
(4) Change address with post office
(5) Arrange for utilities, etc. for new home
(6) Pack for your honeymoon
(7) Get manicure, pedicure
(8) Groom’s haircut
(9) Bachelor’s party / Bridesmaid’s party
(10) Drop off wedding favors, guest book, etc, at reception site day before wedding
(11) Pack for your wedding night
(12) Be sure all final balances are paid


(1) Have a backup alarm set so you don’t oversleep
(2) Give yourself ample time to get ready (eat breakfast)
(3) Be sure to have rings and marriage license
(4) Double check packing-list to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything
(5) Have back-up transportation lined up for the get-away (park a second car somewhere close, if applicable)
(6) Take a fix-it kit with you (including safety pins, needle and thread, aspirin, bobby pins, breath mints, panty hose, makeup, etc.)



(1) Write your thank you notes
(2) Have utilities hooked up for your new home
(3) Obtain a copy of your marriage license
(4) Establish a budget
(5) Find out what ward you will be attending
(6) Change address at post office
(7) Notify other businesses of your new address
(8) Start putting together your wedding album
(9) Send special thank yous
(10) Change your name on you Social Security card
(11) Change your name on credit card
(12) Change name and address on driver’s license
(13) Change school records
(14) Fill out new W-4
(15) Establish joint bank account
(16) Return duplicate or unwanted gifts
(17) Have wedding gown cleaned and preserved
(18) Scout out your new neighborhood
(19) Order address labels